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Welcome to Kumu: Your Premier Cricket Coaching App for Players of All Levels


At Kumu, we're dedicated to making cricket coaching accessible and enjoyable for everyone, from beginners to experienced players. Our innovative app offers professional-grade coaching right at your fingertips, empowering cricket enthusiasts to master batting, bowling, and fielding skills with ease.

Tailored Coaching for Cricket Enthusiasts

Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your technique, Kumu provides personalized coaching designed to suit your individual needs and skill level. From learning the basics of cricket to mastering advanced techniques, our step-by-step instructions ensure that players of all ages and abilities can learn and improve at their own pace.

Interactive Learning Experience

Say goodbye to traditional coaching videos and hello to a fully immersive learning experience with Kumu. Our app utilizes cutting-edge technology to offer 360-degree movement around the technical player, allowing users to explore cricket techniques from every angle. Whether you're perfecting your batting stance or refining your bowling action, our interactive interface makes learning fun and engaging.


Affordable Pricing Options

Accessing professional cricket coaching has never been more affordable with Kumu. Choose from our flexible pricing options, including a yearly subscription or a monthly subscription, to fit your budget. Now, you can invest in your cricket development without breaking the bank.

Join the Kumu Community Today!

Ready to take your cricket skills to the next level? Join the Kumu community today and discover the future of cricket coaching. Download the app now on both Android and iOS devices, and start your journey towards becoming a cricket superstar!

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